Health you know about

Listening to our body is one of the most important things we all should do . But to understand what it tells us is a completely different thing.

A healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself in shape are the most-discussed topics nowadays. Many of us are having trouble finding a perfect work-life balance to have time for our health.

Having such an active working and personal life leads to a lots of health problems as we  do not pay enough attention to our warning body signal. Some signals might be less important, others might be very serious. Therefore, it is essential to understand the requirements of  your body to have your health under control.

Corline company is committed to bringing together technologies and devices to help you understand your body signals. We focus on offering innovative products as well as on technology in the field of prevention, healthcare and healthy lifestyle which is unlimited in place and time. Especially if we feel the need to know about our health. It is like having a doctor by your side, anytime, anywhere.

If we know the problem we have a chance to sort it out in time.

Our products

WIWE uses a unique and intelligent algorithm that evaluates the ECG wave values and points to the potential risk of a stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. Go to the website